Having a baby? Now What? – Must Read Pregnancy Tips.

When I was a new mom I read many articles, baby books and people had lots of advice. But in reflecting back on the experience I realized that there were many things I wish someone had shared with me before the baby arrived. So in this post I’ll discuss five things to consider before your first baby arrives. Motherhood, pregnancy, tips, what to expect, mom blog.


How to cook a killer meal in 20 minutes

Family dinner time is important in our house. It's a goal of mine to make a home cooked meal at least three to four times a week. Now to some that may sound like no big deal. Three to four times might even be a under achievement. But to myself and others, home cooked meals … Continue reading How to cook a killer meal in 20 minutes

The Anti-Sunday Funday

Oh how I remember Sunday Funday. It was a fabulous day of relaxation, libations and musical vibrations before going back to work on Monday. Urban Dictionary defines Sunday Funday as: a celebration extending the weekend festivities just a little longer before hanging up your party pants. Fast forward to the mom version of Sunday Funday … Continue reading The Anti-Sunday Funday

Gratitude Attitude 

Over the course of a year we have many experiences, some good and some tough or even just plain bad.  For our household it has been a year of many tough and bad experiences. It has been a mixture of death, illness, change in employment, let downs in employment, major changes in the care of … Continue reading Gratitude Attitude