Summer So Cal Vacation Ideas and Tips

Family vacations can have a lot of built up expectations. In this post you will learn about our 2018 Summer Vacation in So Cal. It's packed with great tips for vacationing in Big Bear Lake, California during the summer and more tips on making the most of an overnight at Great Wolf Lodge, Anaheim.


How to cook a killer meal in 20 minutes

Family dinner time is important in our house. It's a goal of mine to make a home cooked meal at least three to four times a week. Now to some that may sound like no big deal. Three to four times might even be a under achievement. But to myself and others, home cooked meals … Continue reading How to cook a killer meal in 20 minutes

Fine Art: An Investment Parents Should Make

What is art? As my mother once told me, "Art is a matter of interpretation." Art can be expressed as music,¬†photography, painting, sculpting, and so much more. As we build our home and craft it into what we want it to be, I wanted to give us the gift of a fine art piece. But … Continue reading Fine Art: An Investment Parents Should Make

Safety Net? No Safety Kitty.

Man oh man, have you ever had that night? You know the night you when you realize that your child's blankie, or in our case Kitty, has gone missing? Dun, dun, dun!!!! Total horror sets in and a relatively good bedtime has gone to hell in a hand basket in T-minus one second. See Kitty … Continue reading Safety Net? No Safety Kitty.

Screw the election. Twilight mom guilt

Needless to say when we got home the elections really didn't matter much to me. Were either politician going to be able to pay my bills so I don't need to work, or get me home earlier, or give me more time in a day? No. What matters is making sure that I'm raising awesome little humans who know that they are loved and always know they are priority number one.