My name is Liz. I’m a full-time traditional working mom with a wonderful husband and two young children. I was blessed with both a fabulous little girl and fun-filled little boy. My career background is in marketing while my mom background spans a little wider. You might say I’m a mega problem solver, knower of all things who is capable of conquering anything, at least that’s what they ¬†(my kids) think.

My kids are already little over-achievers in the area of sales. They are really good at teaming up to try and to sell you on things like where to eat or why they should be able to have another cookie. Career path? Who knows, maybe.

This blog started as an Instagram feed that helped me to connect with a network of like minded individuals. It has evolved into a bigger creative outlet. Within this site you will find a collective of facts, funny moments, stories, diatribes on the pearls of working and raising kids, favorite recipes that either save me time or warm my soul, preferably both, and everything else in between.

All content posted to this site and the Working Mom Facts Instagram feed reflect my own opinion. To the best of my ability I will source any relevant factual information. Republishing of written content and/or photos not allowed without consent. Please feel free to contact me at workingmomfacts@gmail.com.

Please feel free to comment and ask questions. And thank you in advance for being respectful on this site.