Authentic – what does it really mean? 

This content was actually something I crafted a little while ago for another media platform but is still so relevant today. Authenticity is important on so many fronts. In both personal life and business it is the authentic actions that create the deepest connections. And with those connections you create partners that can help you move mountains. I hope you continue reading to learn about some interesting perspectives on this topic and hear about a friend’s quest to be her true authentic self and why. 

So what does it really mean to be authentic? 

Today I met with a friend and the subject matter of being ‘authentic’ was broached. She shared with me that she was working on being her authentic self. That statement was puzzling because since I’ve known her, to me, she has always been authentic. 

We talked more about where she was coming from in wanting to be more authentic. She shared that in her moments of self-reflection, she feels that while she personally cares for others and doesn’t lie about who or what she is, she is searching for a deeper sense of self-appreciation that would allow her to let go of what others think of her. That she’s focusing on pursuing life and goals based solely around what fulfills her, a focus on helping others and bettering herself, so that she can in turn help raise them up toward their goals. 

 As we continued speaking and I reflected on her point of view, I found a deep sense of admiration for her and where she was coming from. In today’s narcissistic society it was refreshing to hear a point of view that existed for true, or dare I say ‘authentic’, personal reason that didnt seek to add to a collection of smelly stickers, a.k.a. likes and hearts in social society. If one truly takes a moment to think about their motivations, are they truly to better yourself or to help the perception of you?  

The concept of authenticity was illustrated today. It wasn’t something I read in a book or saw on TV. It was a real life lesson that I was afforded by just keeping my mind and heart open to those around me. The word grateful comes to mind in thinking about the interactions of today. I was reminded that the people we surround ourselves with truly reflect the core of who we are. The more we can open up to them and their offerings, the more they can organically drive us to be better. 

I invite you to reflect on your life. What actions of yours are most authentic and where does opportunity for improvement live within your life? 


4 thoughts on “Authentic – what does it really mean? 

  1. eckids says:

    I’m glad you talked about this-I hear the word authentic talked about a lot and it was interesting to hear your perspective and think a little bit more about what it actually means. Happy Friday!

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