How to make bath time fun for kids

I’m fortunate to still have two younger kids. This means that I still get to do bath time with them. While there are a lot of to-do’s with younger children, one thing that I will miss when they get older is bath time. So as a mom I try and enjoy it as much as possible.

My children have always loved getting in the bath. So that has never been a problem for me. One thing that can be a challenge is that they do like to bring new toys into the bath whenever they get a chance. This sometimes includes my kitchen Tupperware. It’s understandable. I wouldn’t want to play with the same toys in the bath over and over and over again.

That’s where Sudprize comes in. Sudsprize was created for kids to make bath time more fun. So what is Sudsprize? Well, it’s a fizzy bath ball with an online avatar and in app games. So kids bath time fun doesn’t just end in the bath, it continues.

I must say that the packing for these little guys is beyond cute. If they turned them into little figures or stuffed animals I have no doubt that all the little ones would want one. Heck this mommy wanted one.


I still bathe my two kiddos together. So having two of anything is imperative. So I gave them each Sudsprize a bath ball. They plopped them in the water and watched them fizz away. Let’s just say that they were both even more excited than normal to hop in the bath.

I had shared with the kiddos that there was a game they could play with the animal card they got in the package. Since we bathe right before bed I used it as a reward for going to bed without a fight. Totally worked.

Sudsprize teaches the kids a fun fact about their animal on the card. Then you use that card to unlock elements within their app. There are a couple of different features within the app. One option has to do with the animal on the card. You can feed and bathe it and move him around. And the other is better suited for younger kids. That option is kind of like candy crush or the Frozen jewel app, where you move colored bubbles next to one another to clear cubes.

These cute little bath balls were super cute and I loved watching my kids excitement with them. I wish I had found out about them before Christmas. They would have made excellent socking stuffers.

If you are interested in Sudprize Bath Balls, please visit their website and as a thank you for reading this article you can use the code Facts10 to receive 10% off.

When Sudsprize approached me to test out the product I was happy to help. And even though they did supply the product in exchange for the review, all opinions are based on the actual usage and are my own sentiment.

How do you make bath time fun for your kiddos?


14 thoughts on “How to make bath time fun for kids

  1. birdwithaview says:

    This looks like tons of fun! We love anything to make bath time more fun. Do you know what ingredients are in it? My son has terrible allergies/eczema. I looked at the website and couldn’t find that information there.


  2. mrsdoingmybest says:

    Super cute…my kids still love bath time. Water play has always been a favorite. Great gift idea – thanks for sharing!


  3. Kim Amy says:

    Super fun activity. We have moved from bath to showers recently, but for fun time we occasionally jump back into the bath (especially when I need to clean the rest of the bathroom) and someone wants to hang on my leg, HA.


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