Easy-Peasy Christmas Morning Breakfast Ideas

Not sure about you but I was  so ready to start my Christmas vacation. Part of our immediate family tradition on Christmas morning is to  be slow and leisurely before the hustle and bustle of everyone coming over for the big meal and party.

To accomplish this we usually always do something very simple for our breakfast like plain scrambled eggs with bacon and tortillas. But this year we are going to switch it up. Here are some great recipe ideas that I found. A couple of them I have made before and others just sound delicious and EASY. Remember this is about an easy-peasy Christmas morning. No slaving in the kitchen while everyone else is enjoying quality time.

The first is one of my favorites – French Toast Casserole. I’ve made this a few times. I use a little less vanilla and sometimes throw in some golden raisins. My kiddos love raisins. Me, not so much.

The next recipe is one that a friend of mine created. Her name is Amy and she is the creator of Borrowed Salt, a blog of fabulous food recipes inspired by her travels. The recipe was created as a single serving so adjust based on how many people you plan to feed. The recipe below is a super easy no cook overnight oatmeal. I’ve made it before without the coconut but that was only because I didn’t have any on hand.

Next is a traditional breakfast casserole. This one I have not yet tried but it looks super simple and doesn’t incorporate bread like many of the recipes that I’ve found. This recipe comes from TheWholesomeDish.com. The site has many great breakfast ideas. Another of her recipes incorporates avocados into an egg dish. Thinking that would be good in this as well.

Whatever you decide to make for your breakfast this coming Christmas morning, I hope it is delicious, fills your bellies and gives you more time with your family.


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