Safety Net? No Safety Kitty.

Man oh man, have you ever had that night? You know the night you when you realize that your child’s blankie, or in our case Kitty, has gone missing? Dun, dun, dun!!!! Total horror sets in and a relatively good bedtime has gone to hell in a hand basket in T-minus one second.

See Kitty (yes I know it’s a very creative name. Don’t judge, G was only two when she named her.) has been with us for the last five years. My aunt, Aunt Aud, gave her to our daughter for her second birthday and she has been at just about every single bed time ever since. Its cute and endearing but when the cat goes missing so does the six year old’s mind. Oh my gossssh.

There are days when I think I’m already raising a 16 year old and not a six year old. Then moments like a missing kitty occur and I’m heftily reassured that I thankfully still have a six year old.

I dread the day that Kitty falls apart. She is not in the prime of her life. I’d rather say the twilight. Often I wonder if I should order her a new one and just have it on standby. See it’s by this company Wild Republic and I can easily get one. But as a parent do you feed the need? Part of me says yes. They are only a kid so long and as a parent don’t we owe them the innocence that goes along with being a child? But then there is another part of me that says no. Let nature take it’s course and when the safety Kitty needs to move-on, so does our daughter and maybe it will be a good teaching opportunity. Which is right? Not sure.


What is for sure is that Kitty has had a great life and has been on fantastic vacations. She will forever be a part of our family. Oh and she really needs a bath. Just look at what she originally looked like. It’s hard to recognize Kitty as the same stuffed animal. But I can’t bring myself to throw her in the wash in case she falls apart due to the bath. Ugghhhh, mom problems.


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