The Adventures of My Very First Blog

So wow! This has been an adventure setting up my little site and actually getting this blog off the ground. Back in the day, before kids and life took a firm hold on me, I have no doubt that I could have had this wrapped up and live in no time.

So how long did this little adventure take me you ask? Well, it took a good five months, the start of an Instagram feed, and a few good therapy sessions to fully get me immersed in this new en devour.

Those who know me well know that I don’t like to under deliver on anything that I do. So of course I convinced myself that I needed to do my homework, to see if there is even interest in the topic  I want to cover, thoughts, rants, stories, recipes, short cuts ,and all sorts of mom guilt issues from this working mom’s point of view. And fortunately for me I found out that there is a whole network of wonderful people looking for an outlet just like me! The best thing that I’ve discovered is that this world of crazy, often wine drinking, batter eating, sarcasm throwing parents are some of the funniest,  warm and welcoming people ever.

I look forward to the future with the community I’ve established thus far on Instagram and new one I seek to establish here on the Working Mom Facts blog.

Till next time!


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